How I got started in Wedding Photography

My sophomore year at Edina High School I found out I was required to take an art credit. I had never really considered myself an artist and so I was less than thrilled to go through the class offerings to pick an art class. Photography 101 caught my eye. I always thought photography was cool and I liked the fact that I didn’t have to try to draw or paint. Not even two days into the semester, I fell in LOVE.

How I fell in Love with Photography

I had such a wonderful teacher that not only taught me technique, but he was able to draw out the creativity inside that I didn’t even know I had. I started staring at the world through a lens. I framed everything in my mind, imagining how to make even the ordinary things in life a beautiful photograph. Needless to say, I took more than the necessary art credits as I made my way through every photography class offered at my school.

Wedding Photography by Jesi Haackney

Journey to Photography School

I went to Minneapolis Community and Technical College for an associate degree in commercial photography, much to my parents dismay, because I knew I wanted to spend my life doing this. As I thought about jobs related to photography, being a wedding photographer was the obvious choice for me. I love taking portraits of people and capturing emotion. I also love photographing objects so I always pay keen attention to the details of the weddings I photograph.

My Wedding Photography Career Begins

I started by photographing alongside one of my professors, who did wedding photography on the side of his teaching job. My first solo wedding was for my cousin. I did it as a gift for her and her husband and it was the best gift I have ever given. Not only did she love her photographs, but I had a blast doing it for her. It was then that I knew I wanted to do this professionally for the rest of my life. It was later that summer that I officially started wedding photography, and I have been shooting ever since.

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