Why Free Photography Website Hosting Isn’t Always Your Best Option

As I’ve been running my studio for nearly a decade now, I’ve had quite a few new photographers ask how to get started with their digital photos online. There are a number of website, template and hosting options. Throughout the quest of starting your own website, you’ve likely considered turning to a free photo website […]

Why Being a Minneapolis Wedding Photographer Rocks

From some of the best wedding venues, to award winning local photographer inspiration, to the local arts – there is a ton of support for the wedding industry in the Twin Cities. Simply put, being a Minneapolis wedding photographer rocks! I don’t plan on ever leaving Minnesota, and quite frankly, I can’t image being a photographer anywhere else!

How I got started in Wedding Photography

This is the story of how I haphazardly happened upon photography, fell in love with my camera and the world of art in Minneapolis, and eventually pursued wedding photography as my professional career.

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